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What example are you setting for your children when it comes to making healthy decisions, exercising and eating right? Do you talk to them about getting exercise and why you enjoy it? Or are you trying to find your own path when it comes to getting regular physical activity? A new study shows parents play a critical role in influencing how children feel about physical activity and their interest in being active themselves. If you realize you and your children are sitting on the less active end of the spectrum, working towards the goal of making physical fitness a priority can be achieved... Read More »

Life is busy. Families are always on the go. Convenience often wins when it comes to making decisions that affect our family’s health and well-being, unfortunately. As a result, we spend less time around the kitchen table together and our children spend less time being physically active. A new survey released this week by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds that only one in four adolescents get the recommended one hour or more of rigorous physical activity a day. This lifestyle shift is directly impacting the health of our youth, with childhood obesity doubling and... Read More »

Though it is not surprising that today’s generation of kids is spending more time in front of television screens and less time outside playing, a new report shows how much that is adding up and taking away from their overall fitness. The finding was presented Tuesday at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions – the first they say to show a decline in children’s fitness levels worldwide over the last three decades. 

“Parents play the most critical role in developing a healthier family,” says David Steward, health and wellness coordinator at Bailey Medical Center. “Many... Read More »

The American Heart Association Scientific Sessions are underway this week in Dallas – a gathering of more than 18,000 heart health experts from more than 100 countries. When speakers take the podium to present to the latest in research, the world is listening. Cardiologist Mariell Jessup, president of the American Heart Association, is among several experts taking the stage. She has been talking about the new guidelines released last week to reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes – including a new risk assessment tool that is garnering quite a bit of discussion. Dr. Jessup is... Read More »

Lisa Cross has worked at Bailey Medical Center since the doors opened in 2006 behind the scenes as Lead Distribution Tech in Material Management. She says she will forever be grateful for the support she has received at work, which lifted her through one of life’s biggest challenges - breast cancer.Lisa was diagnosed in 2010 following a mammogram screening at Bailey. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation followed. Bryan Fowler, her supervisor in their department of two, picked up her responsibilities while she was away for treatment. “All he ever said was, ‘just take care of what you need to... Read More »

JP has been a Labor and Delivery nurse for 15 years. She joined Bailey Medical Center in 2008 as a manager for the OB department. She brought years of clinical experience in the Maternal/Child nursing specialty and developed the Bailey’s Babies Childbirth Education Program. The program includes childbirth class and infant CPR to our patients and the community. This program is also offered to the community. She is an active member of the Tulsa Health Department’s Tulsa Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Project (TFIMR), in which she has served for 7 years. She is very interested and takes... Read More »

A parking lot blanketed in bikes, helmets and towels reveals families laying out running shoes and going through the rundown once more, as the sun rises on a perfectly fall-like August morning. The Bunch family is easy to spot with their four bright neon T-shirts – all with nicknames proudly and distinctly displayed on their backs. Mom, Maureen, lines up her children, Declan, 9, Delaney, 7, Dawson, 7, and Donovan, 5, for a photo before the start of the Strong Kids Triathlon at the Owasso Family YMCA. For once, Saturday’s sporting event is in one location, at the same time, for all four... Read More »

Bailey Medical Center was proud to support the Strong Kids Triathlon, benefiting the Strong Kids program at the Owasso Family YMCA, Saturday, August 17. Proceeds will help fund families to utilize services at the Owasso Family YMCA to stay active and live healthy lives.