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Bailey Babies Childbirth Classes

Let Bailey Babies Childbirth Classes help you enjoy your childbirth experience

When you’re having a baby, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with uncertainties about what to expect. That’s why we designed Bailey Babies Childbirth Classes – to give you the knowledge and skills you need to achieve a rewarding and fulfilling childbirth experience and to promote a healthy pregnancy.

Birthing Class

Led by Bailey Medical Center’s childbirth educator, this comprehensive, four-to-five-week course covers all aspects of the pregnancy and childbirth experience, including:

  • How your baby is developing
  • What to anticipate during your pregnancy and labor
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques to make your pregnancy and labor more comfortable
  • Pain relief options during labor
  • Instruction in infant care and breast-feeding
  • All mothers-to-be enrolled in the class receive a special diaper bag with informational inserts and coupons inside

Infant CPR

Learn how to perform potentially life-saving infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques from a certified CPR instructor and rest easy knowing you’re ready to respond in an emergency.

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These two Bailey Babies classes offer opportunities to ask questions, gather information and socialize with other expectant parents. All expectant mothers, fathers and support persons are invited to attend.

For more information on class times and price, please call Julia Profit,
Obstetrics Manager & Childbirth Educator at
or by phone at 918-376-8241.